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Does thermal paper play any other important role?

The uneven coating of the thermal paper will result in darker colors in some areas and lighter colors in some areas, which will obviously reduce the printing quality. If the chemical formula of therma


How to set the size of express sheet?

The size of the express order is basically the same, and you need to use a custom paper type; Yunda express order specification is: 230*127mm (mm is millimeter, 1 cm = 10 mm) Express order specificati


Tips for regular movie tickets

Ordinary movie tickets are usually made of Self Adhesive Thermal Paper as a carrier and made into a small square ratio, so that ordinary audiences can easily feel like throwing them away when they are


How much can you understand food labels?

Food packaging is really deceptive, are you easily influenced by product packaging?If someone asked you, do you read food labels when you shop? What is your answer?Many people don't check food labels


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Serving more than 50 countries and regions around the world.
Setting up 4 overseas plants in USA, Europe, East South Asia and India market.
Agent and sales office expanding in the next two yeas.

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