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Tips for regular movie tickets


Ordinary movie tickets that you can get in most movie theaters, for most audiences, are just your admission tickets to watch movies, and it satisfies the throw-away function well. It's so common that every time you don't think about throwing it away, you've already lost it.


However, for many movie fans, this kind of movie ticket experience is very poor. The design is not good enough, the ticket paper is flimsy, the size of the patch seems unhandy, and even the viewing information on the ticket paper will gradually fade after a period of time. All kinds of characteristics are far from meeting the needs of movie fans to collect ticket paper.


There are many factors that affect the texture of ticket paper, such as ticket paper thickness, size, material, design style, etc., all of which will have an impact on the ticket paper. The reason why ordinary movie tickets are very thin is that these movie tickets are thousands of tickets made into a roll like adhesive tape and placed in the ticket dispenser. Thinner paper not only reduces costs, but also allows more ticket paper to be packed into a limited space, and most importantly, thinner ticket paper is conducive to healthy and long-lasting operation of the cutter.


Ordinary movie tickets are usually made of Self Adhesive Thermal Paper as a carrier and made into a small square ratio, so that ordinary audiences can easily feel like throwing them away when they are used up. Compared with the ticket paper of the film festival, it is difficult to make people want to collect it.


How to make people want to collect? Is there a better solution for ticket paper? The following are some of my personal thoughts.

The thickness of the ticket paper can be increased, and new processes such as bronzing, watermark, embossing and other processes can be introduced at the same time, so that the audience's viewing experience can start from the ticket paper to the texture of the hand. At the same time, the size and typesetting of the ticket paper should be appropriately increased. It should not be too large, but at least it should not look like a patch. It is even possible to have an exclusive number on the ticket stub, which is more valuable for collection.


Although those who have requirements for ticket stubs are destined to be a minority, the needs of some audiences can hardly force the improvement of the entire industrial chain.

The niche is not necessarily not worthy of attention. According to the collection needs of the audience, a good derivative product category can actually be derived, just like the customized ticket stubs that hit the circle of friends in South Korea before. We can completely treat the customized ticket stubs as a piece Packaging development around the film. After watching the movie, the audience can print out their own ticket purchase information on the commemorative ticket paper in the exclusive channel. Not only does it have your real movie viewing information, but the ticket paper is also very worthy of collection.


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