Discover a wide range of premium label materials at NX Intelligent Product Center. From durable baggage tags to versatile self-adhesive thermal papers, we offer an extensive selection to meet your labeling needs. Our collection includes self-adhesive thermal transfer papers, semi-gloss coated papers, shipping labels, custom labels, film adhesive papers, and self-adhesive materials made from PE, PET, and PP.

With a focus on exceptional quality and reliability, our label materials ensure clear printing, excellent adhesion, and long-lasting performance. Whether you require robust tags for luggage identification, adhesive papers for barcode printing, or customized labels for branding purposes, our products are designed to meet the highest standards.

At NX Intelligent, we understand the importance of attractive and functional labels in capturing the attention of your audience. With our product center, you can explore a diverse range of label materials that combine eye-catching aesthetics with superior functionality. Trust us to provide the ideal solutions for your labeling requirements, making your products stand out and leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Choose NX Intelligent for top-quality label materials that enhance your brand image, ensure efficient logistics, and simplify labeling processes. Experience the difference of our high-performance products and unlock endless possibilities for your labeling needs.

Cosmetic label

Cosmetic label

Commonly used size 30*20, 50*50, 58*80, 58*40, 40*30, 100*100, most of the requirements of automatic

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