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How to make self-adhesive materials?

Everyone knows self-adhesive materials, so how to make self-adhesive materials?

The main processes in the manufacture of self-adhesive materials are coating and compounding, and the others are auxiliary processes. Different types of coating equipment are used according to the conditions of the manufacturer and the characteristics of the product. Generally speaking, there are two types of coating machines, one is split type and the other is series type. The split type is that silicon coating and glue coating are completed twice on the same machine, or on separate machines; the tandem coating is completed for each process on one machine at one time.

1(a). The plastic-coated or calendered backing paper is coated with silicone oil on equipment A, or back-printed and then silicon-coated, and the silicon-coated backing paper is dried or cured in an oven. The silicon-coated and dried backing paper is re-rolled into rolls to complete the backing paper processing process.

1(b). The gluing and compounding process is completed on equipment B. Place the backing paper on one end of the device and the face paper on the other end. The technological process is as follows: one end of the bottom paper is glued and dried in an oven to reach the compounding station; the other end is the face paper which is controlled by the tension and guided to the rectifying device and also arrives at the compounding station. In the compounding station, the base paper and the face paper are compounded and re-rolled into large rolls. At this point, the whole process of manufacturing the self-adhesive material is completed.

2(a). One end of the backing paper is first coated with silicon and dried after unwinding, and then enters the back printing and gluing station. The glued backing paper enters the oven for drying, and finally arrives at the compounding station.

2(b). After the other end face paper is unrolled, it is first applied to the bottom layer station. After drying, the bottom paper reaches the corona treatment station (for film materials, paper materials are not required), and the corona treated fabric reaches the compounding station. Station. In the compound station, the bottom paper and the face paper are compounded and rolled into large rolls to complete the manufacturing process of self-adhesive materials.