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Thermal Label materials for daily chemical products

Daily chemical products are closely related to daily life. Hair care, personal care and fabric care have created value for a better life, while labels make products more beautiful, convey brand culture and favor consumers.

[application direction]
The choice and design of labels for daily chemical products are mainly thin films, such as bright white PE, transparent PE, transparent BOPP and aluminized BOPP. Synthetic paper can also be used to achieve a certain effect
★ shampoo and shower gel labels;
★ fabric washing label;
★ labels of canned food and wine

[product features]
★ the PE film is soft and can adapt to the extrusion deformation of the bottle body during use. The temperature change in different environments is consistent with that of the plastic bottle body
★ PP products have moderate stiffness and good transparency, which can meet the hiding effect without label feeling
★ the glue has strong viscosity, less residue, certain water resistance and meets many environmental requirements