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Have you ever noticed the self-adhesive labels on food that can be seen everywhere?

Compared with conventional self-adhesive labels, the feature of spacer adhesive labels is that not all the parts with adhesive on the back are glued.

How to make self-adhesive materials? How many manufacturing methods are there?

Thermal Paper Industry Share, Size, Key Growth Drivers, Trends and Outlook

Semi-gloss Coated Paper and Inkjet Coated Paper

Thelabelstock officially entered the Alibaba International Station

Classification and Usage Scenarios of Self-adhesive Themal Paper, Self-adhesive Themal Transfer Paper, Self-adhesive Semi-gloss Paper, Self-adhesive PP, Self-adhesive PET, Self-adhesive PE etc. Self-adhesive Material.

Daily chemical products are closely related to daily life. Hair care, personal care and fabric care have created value for a better life, while labels make products more beautiful, convey brand culture and favor consumers.

The size of the express order is basically the same, and you need to use a custom paper type

Thermal paper still plays important roles in a lot of industry, such as food industry, beverage industry, comestic industry, drink industry