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Cosmetics Industry

Because of the uniqueness of cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging labels must be both protective, functional and decorative. Ignoring either party may affect the development of a cosmetics brand. Consumers' requirements for the appearance of cosmetic packaging have become higher and higher.
In all kinds of department stores, which brand can jump out among many brands, attract consumers the most, capture their eyeballs, and gain a larger market share. Therefore, the love, attention and constant innovation of cosmetics merchants relative to packaging may also provide us with new business opportunities.

The traditional printing method of cosmetics is mainly screen printing, such as printing on glass or plastic bottles. Nowadays, most of them have been converted into self-adhesive labels, and the demand for raw materials of film labels is also growing rapidly. In addition, the requirements for technical content have become higher and higher.

The single pattern previously printed on the bottle body only by silk screen can now obtain beautiful color effect according to offset printing and flexographic printing. Mainly because of the uniqueness and different shapes of cosmetics, there are many irregular curved surfaces, so the requirements for label raw materials are very high.

Thelabelstock's cosmetic label is particularly suitable for the bottle body in cosmetics, and it has no bubbles and does not become warped. In the new technology of cosmetic label printing, thelabelstock label not only has a good anti-counterfeiting function, but also can achieve the effect of bottle body and printing integration like screen printing.


  • Highest printing quality - better than flexographic printing
  • Excellent price for small and medium runs
  • Simple ordering
  • Flexibility of production, even with frequent design changes
  • Variable data printing, only limited by the size of the label
  • High responsiveness - short delivery times
  • Small and medium runs with a lot of different types of labels
  • Sample print runs for later large-scale production
  • Possibility of dynamic positioning of your product(s) on the market
  • Possibility of our designers' support in development of your product's new visual image

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