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Logistics/Packaging Industry

Labels for logistics and packaging are typically used for designating packaging units; the content of the label is usually printed at the packaging site. The label can be preprinted or blank.

When it comes to logistics and packaging labels, we must pay close attention to the selection of suitable substrates for the overprinting of variable data (bar- and QR codes, logistic data, addresses, packaging unit content, etc.). It is important whether the data is overprinted via thermal transfer or by laser jet.

For logistics and packaging, we offer labels for logistic unit labeling, blank labels, box labels, logistics labels, preprinted labels, overprint labels, warning labels for package handling, packaging labels, etc.

The combination of substrates and adhesives must be selected according to climatic conditions in which packaging and storage takes place, as well as according to the surface and transportation conditions. Of course, the required visual persistence of data is also important.

Logistics and packaging labels are expected to be as cost-efficient as possible, which is why it is very important to carefully consider all of the above factors in order to optimize the quality/price ratio. In this field, we closely collaborate with labeling machine manufacturers, in order to help our clients find the optimal solutions.


  • Highest printing quality - better than flexographic printing
  • Excellent price for small and medium runs
  • Simple ordering
  • Flexibility of production, even with frequent design changes
  • Variable data printing, only limited by the size of the label
  • High responsiveness - short delivery times
  • Small and medium runs with a lot of different types of labels
  • Sample print runs for later large-scale production
  • Possibility of dynamic positioning of your product(s) on the market
  • Possibility of our designers' support in development of your product's new visual image

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